Build A Website With WordPress

How To Build A Website With WordPress is one of the easiest things that you will ever make.

Our WordPress site will be associated to a domain name. It is the address where Internet users can access your website. For There are companies that are selling domain names. In general we can buy a domain name for 1 year and the cost is around 10 dollars.

We will install WordPress in a hosting. This is a special computer called server that is storing the files of our website (generally html files,images and databases). There are different ways to install WordPress. One method is manual and the other automatic. With the automatic method we can do it practically with 1 click. In this case the hosting that we hire is proving us an special WordPress Installer that is helping us on the process.

Once we registered the domain and Installed WordPress it is time to add content to our website and make it nicer. This is another piece of cake. Thanks to WordPress we will be able to install a theme (a custom design with images,layouts and colors). If we don't like the chosen design we can easily change to another theme and so on. In WordPress everything is easy.

Visual Builders for WordPress are also helping us to improve even more the website building process. With such a builders we are able to use visual design editors and practically build up our website with drag and drop features. 

Take a look of our WordPress articles and for the step by step tutorial to Build A Website With Wordpress.

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